Who murdered Qandeel Baloch?

Scarcely a hour after news of Qandeel’s passing spread, there was a clamor on online networking with tweets and posts of taught individuals saying she didn’t should pass on however she was a “provocateur,” “not a good example,” “she ought to have been cautious”


One of Pakistan’s most unmistakable and questionable online networking star, known for making and posting provocative recordings on the web, was choked by her sibling in Multan in what neighborhood law-implementation offices are calling a “honor murdering.”

When I heard the news on the morning on July 16, my brain went numb. I declined to switch on the TV or read anything on the online networking on the grounds that I definitely realized that numerous individuals on my course of events and newsfeed would legitimize the severe homicide of a young lady. “She was requesting it”, “She was a disfavor to Pakistan and Islam,” “She didn’t should kick the bucket like this BUT…” These are remarks that one hears a bit time after time in a traditionalist patriarchal society like our own.

Shockingly, as much as one might want to, one can’t flee or even disregard the wiped out mentality that is common in our general public — an outlook that legitimizes assault, an attitude that legitimizes murder, and a mentality that even legitimizes youngsters being sexually mishandled. We as a general public can’t unequivocally censure a terrible wrongdoing without including qualifiers. We called Malala Yousafzai a “dramatization” when she was shot in the face; we rationalized when Sabeen Mahmud was shot dead; and we even declined to trust that many young men were over and again assaulted in Kasur saying it was a trick to stigmatize us.

So it was nothing unexpected when scarcely a hour after news of Qandeel’s passing spread, there was an objection on online networking with tweets and posts of taught individuals saying she didn’t should kick the bucket however she was a “provocateur,” “not a good example,” “she ought to have been watchful.” How does ANY of this considerably matter? She was killed without a second thought since we as a general public can’t endure any individual who sets out to challenge the standard, particularly a free solid lady who is glad for her womanhood, her sexuality and is not hesitant to show it.

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Qandeel’s medication someone who is addicted sibling may be the person who pressed the life out of her, however we as a general public are to be reprimanded as much for her homicide. Every one of the individuals who enjoyed her page, watched her recordings numerous times however manhandled her in the remark area — with stuff like “You ought to be shot dead,” “You are a wh**e/bi**h who doesn’t should live in this “Islamic” nation,” “You are an indecent lady who should be covered alive” and numerous all the more such remarks — you are all to be reprimanded too for her homicide. A huge number of individuals preferred her page, tailed her on twitter, saw all her TV interviews, but then additionally gave her demise dangers and manhandled her.

Our “free” and “autonomous” media who just think about evaluations is similarly in charge of her passing. Qandeel came in the spotlight as Qandeel Baloch, not as Fauzia Azeem, which was her genuine name. Be that as it may, our media in their thirst to get the most noteworthy appraisals and breaking news don’t generally mind how lives are influenced in their rodent race. They uncovered her name; they uncovered her location; and they uncovered that she was once hitched. They talked with her ex, and photos of her minor child were appeared on each TV channel, and once they had uncovered her own points of interest, her family came in the spotlight too. When she was not utilizing her genuine name and character her life decisions weren’t being associated with the family. Their “honor” wasn’t being addressed.

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In any case, when stays and columnists always called her on their shows alongside religious pastors, it was perhaps then that her family likewise begun feeling debilitated. It is said that the area in Multan where Qandeel’s family lived began provoking the family, and her sibling when they discovered who Qandeel was. Not even a day had gone subsequent to Qandeel’s homicide and the media began welcoming experts and columnists on their shows to regurgitate contempt against a dead lady.

Qandeel Baloch was a performer, a craftsman. I used to chuckle at her “madness,” however I additionally appreciated her for her boldness, and for not minding even one piece what individuals may think about her. She originated from a poor, uneducated foundation; she was mightily offered to an oppressive man; she cleared out the marriage, battled day and night to meet finishes meet; and after that figured out how to remain all alone two feet to bolster herself as well as bolster her family also. In her own words, “I wedded my sister off, I gave jahaiz (settlement) for her wedding, I attempted to keep relations running with my family, I purchased a house for them in Multan. My folks are settled in Multan, my home is there. Today I am fit for tackling the weight of a whole family unit. In any case, nobody gives me acknowledgment for that.”

Qandeel may be a considerable measure of things yet she wasn’t a two-timer, and she didn’t take after any conventional Pakistani guidelines. She obscured the line between one’s open picture and private picture. She was who she was and didn’t imagine something else, and perhaps that is the reason a large portion of us — ladies and men alike — were debilitated by her.

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The “honor” of men doesn’t lie in a lady’s body, a body that doesn’t have a place with you in any case. Who even gave men the authorization to utilize our bodies for their “ghairat”? (honor)

Rest in Peace, Qandeel. As somebody tweeted, “You haven’t gone to hellfire, you simply left it.”

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