Wikileaks suggested the transcript journal to become a Australian ambassador in the US

Last year, the American President’s largest son, Donald Trump, discussed private messages with Twitter on Twitter, Atlantic reports.

Authoria Julia Afs reported that this region was investigated by American lawmakers in Russian elections in 2016 elections in 2016 elections.

He writes: “Wikiquake has a series of rapidly increasing requests, including the demand for the return of the trope, emphasized the campaign of the trip on the election day to reject the election results. And President’s choice to set up Julian Assange to the ambassador in the US “.

According to Atlantine, according to “a large extent”, continued till July 2017 and often did not respond to the trip to the trip to the Trip to the Wikipedia. But, Atlantine wrote, “Currently, he is following his requests … during the 10 months of the month, nothing goes wrong with the Trump Journal Wiki”.
Wikileaks have published stolen emails from the American Demo Democratic National Committee and Campaign President Demokrat Hillary Clinton, John Podesta. The US intelligence community has tried the Russian government’s efforts to intervene in the election. WikiLeaks has refused Carmen to any connection.

In October, Wikiquake sent a message to Trump-Jane: “BTW we just participated in the Podesta emails.” He provided it with a link. Two days later, on October 14, 2016, Trum Jane tweeted the link.

Wikiquake asked for the return of the trap tax, which refused to declare the president. The Trump Journal did not answer.

Wikileaks wrote: “If we publish them, it will dramatically improve the concept of our neutrality. This means that there will be a huge impact on the clenzed publication, because it is a “Pro Trump” by Pro Russia. ”

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In December, Wikileaks wrote: “In relation to Mr Assange: Obama / Clinton presses to go illegally after Sweden Assault on Sweden, Britain and Australia (its home country) illegally. Will be really easy and helpful. Australia set up Assistant Ambassador in Washington, DC.

Wikileaks Twitter Accounts sent a direct message to the Traveler Journal in September 2016, saying that a trumpet site run by a committee of political action was about “launching”.
“PAC is a recycled Iraqi war pc. We have guessed the password. It is’ putintrump ‘. See’ About ” behind this. Wikiquote Wrote, Atlantik reported. Trump Journal said “The record is off which I do not know who it is, but I will ask around.”

Wikiquake asked Trojan JR to “push” a story in Conservative Media, saying his cleanest Clinton demanded “drone” about his founder Assange. The Trump Journal replied “what was already already”.

A Tramp JR lawyer, Allen Frerassas told Atlantic: “We can confidently say that there is no concern about our documents and some questions about them are easily answered in a suitable forum. Has gone. ”

Trump Jenner met a Russian lawyer of the previous June Junt tower Tower that he left Clinton after offering harmful information to Clinton.

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