After a young man, a young man was killed.

A court heard that a young man was killed after death, after facing a teenager.

A 20-year-old Egyptian hazam came to meet with the movie ‘Romandam’ of East London, with Solomon Sleiman when he saw a group wearing a racket, Daily Mail reported.

He claimed that Mas Beg later told the police that one of the youth saw Mr. Issa but he took his hand.

Old Bailey had heard that after minutes Mrs. saw a “squeak” in the car park outside the Barry shopping shopping center.
The court heard, a 17-year-old boy, who could not be identified, was killed before the victim Che Pullen, caught four times in the chest, face and the skull.

One hour later, Mr Eiza died in a hospital with a deadly wound.

Pullland claims he was avoiding an aged 17-year-old, because the victim was armed with a yellow craft knife.

CCTC cameras occupied almost 4:00 am of almost a fight at the beginning of this year, on May 18.
Prosecutor John McGain told the crime that two suspects had not seen Mr. Christian and just “15 minutes ago” before killing him “did not close eyes.”

Paul, 17 years old and two other friends of 14 and 15 were out of McDonald’s before meeting the shopping center and before the angel took the first floor.

The CCTV footage shows the past running Mr. AISA, Waseem, and sat on the foam of his girlfriend window.

Mr McGinnis said: “Something is said or has been given, because Mr. worried about something like this.

She gets up and wants to go after them, but Salma Begum catches her hand and keeps it back.

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“His reminder is that the group had gone past, [17 years] filled with Wax.

“When Waseem stood, he took his hand and tried to stop, he did not want him to be angry and aggressive.”

After further collision in a game arcade, the group went to the Car Park area, behind Mrs. Where the war began.

Mr McGinnis said: “It was on two, and even if Jesus had a knife, he did not have the opportunity to use it.

“Pullen Eisa caught not less than four times and did so with some power.

“In addition to the heart’s deadly wound, Palen caught her face twice and once in her skull.

“When he hit the trapped wounds he intended – at least – really caused serious damage.”

Polyne also refers to Romeo, and 17-year-old Romford.

Trial is ongoing

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